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Photo aérienne des emprises des terrains de l'ex- ETAMAT

After the closure of the ETAMAT military site was announced, in 1996, the French Ministry of Defence declared that army grounds will be given back to the community after their cleaning up. As the site have been dedicated to the storage of pyrotechnic material, it has to be cleaned because ammunition and explosive devices are buried in the ground. The works of cleaning up concern all the groups of the ETAMAT, for an area of 70 hectares, that will be carried out by the French State.

A preliminary study stated that the works of cleaning up will allow to remove 3400 ammunitions (most of them are still active). The works of cleaning up will also aim at the destruction of 211 buildings, 36km of railways and 11km of fences. The destruction of buildings is part of the works of cleaning up because ammunitions were found in their foundations.


Tranches de travauxThe study made at the beginning of the work stated  that he works should last 2 years for a cost of  6 million €. According to this schedule, all the groups of the ETAMAT would have been cleaned up at the middle 2011.

The works of cleaning up of the ETAMAT are divided into 3 parts:
The first part: 6 months from April 2010 to September, 2010
The second part: 5 months from the end of 2010 to the beginning of 2011
The third part: 6,5 months from the beginning of 2011 to the middle of 2011


Delays in the works

image de munitions découvertes lors de la dépollutionThe quantity of ammunitions found during the first phase of the works, superior to what was initially planned, made the works last longer.

During the preliminary study, analyses were realised to detect buried ammunitions and explosive devices thanks to the magnetic field it emit. However this technique allows to detect "targets" (machines and buried ammunitions) only on clean sites. Due to the disturbances generated by buildings and existing equipments (presence of metals in particular), only 50 % of the surface of the ETAMAT could be analysed.

Six months after the beginning of the works on the first part, more than 12 000 "targets" were found, with ammunitions buried in the foundations of buildings. The amount of machines found is widely superior to the 3400 initially planned. For this reason, there is a delay of at least 9 months on the initial schedule.