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At the local level, local authorities, companies or individuals are already acting for the environment, renewable energy and energy savings.

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Exemplary and innovative projects have been implemented on the territory by local actors. Discover the means by which communities, companies and individuals were able to reduce their energy consumption and environmental footprint.

These presentations show concrete actions and the effectiveness of selected technologies, the reasons that motivated those people to find environmental friendly solutions, the  recommendations of the project leaders and provide an overview of public support available.

icone CollectivitesLocal authoritiesThe fields of action of local authorities allow them to reach many inhabitants and act at a larger scale, so their actions are essential to integrate renewable energy and energy efficiency in the daily management of the community.

icone EntreprisesCompaniesNo matter what their activity is, many local companies have already committed to act for the protection of the environment and show that economic development and environmental preservation are compatible.