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The factory of centralised methanisation will be built in Louzy. It will use an innovative process that allows to transform various types of agricultural and food-processing by-products called biomass (manures, dung, waste from slaughterhouses or from food transformation) to produce electrical and thermal energy. This process also allows to obtain a deodorized fertiliser, directly spreadable into fields for the local farmers.

This installation will allow to transform more than 70 000 tons of biomass collected at an average distance of 10 Km around the site.

It will allow to provide the power consumption of nearly 12000 inhabitants, what will allow to save 4 000 000 litres of fuel oil per year and to avoid the emission of nearly 7000 tons of CO2.

From the agricultural point of view, the obtained fertiliser has a stronger agronomic value and morover is deodorized. It avoid the spreading of 220 000 Kg of pure nitrogen which represent 660 000 Kg of artificial fertiliser every year.

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