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Vid&ampampampeacuteo a&ampampampeacuterienne du photomontage de la future centrale solaire
A solar power plant will be installed on the grounds of the former ETAMAT site and will have a total area of ​​52 hectares. Thanks to its unique size and capacity of power produced, it will be the largest solar project in the Poitou-Charentes region and one of the largest in France.


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The solar power plant will be located on three of the former ETAMAT groups: two groups of 16 hectares and one of 20 hectares, spread over the towns of Thouars, Louzy and Saint Leger de Montbrun.

The solar plant will be a "ground solar plant", meaning that solar panels will be attached directly to the ground with supports.


Schéma qui présente la structure d'un support de panneau solaire avec ses dimensionsThere will be 7,682 structures installed. On each structure, 12 panels will be fixed so there will be a total amount of 100 000 solar panels. This ground solar plant will generate a power equivalent to the installation of solar panels on the roofs of nearly 7000 homes.

The capacity of solar power production will be 21.2 megawatts. It will cover the energy needs of over 11,000 inhabitants and prevent the emission of 1,600 tons of CO2 each year.


Plan de l'ETAMAT avec la répartition des 3 sites de la centrale solaire

The construction of a solar plant is part of the development of a photovoltaic industry in the territory with specific training for technicians, engineers and maintenance staff to work on the solar power plant and the installation in Thouars of a solar panel production unit.

The project of a solar power plant represents an investment of 78 million €.




photomontage de la vue aérienne de l'ETAMAT et des groupes de la centrale solairephotomontage de la vue aérienne de la centrale solaire
Photomontage of the aerial view of the solar plant