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projetLaunched in 2005, the TIPER project, park of Innovative Technologies for the Production of Renewable energy, has an objective: to develop renewable energies in the Thouarsais territory, on the former army grounds of the ETAMAT.

Supported by the Poitou-Charentes region, the Conseil Général of Deux-Sèvres and the Communauté de Communes du Thouarsais, TIPER park will allow to develop a new model of energy production, more environmental-friendly and that will contribute to the economic development of the territory.

TIPER project articulates around two thematics, the renewable energy production called TIPER Production on one side and on the other side the development of complementary activities to  integrate sustainably renewable energies in the local economy thanks to training, information and pedagogical tools, that are called TIPER Discovery.

TIPER Production will allow to install the following renewable energy production techniques on the territory:

  • A methanisation factory (use of the agricultural and food-processing by-products called biomass to produce electricity and heat) of a power of 3Mwc
  • Two wind farms, one of 4 to 6 wind turbines in Mauzé-Thouarsais and other one of 5 to 6 wind turbines close to the ETAMAT military site, that will generate a total power from 8 to 18 Mwc
  • A 50 hectares solar power plant that will have a total power production of 22,1 Mwc. It will be the biggest solar power plant of the Poitou-Charentes region. It will be situated on the groups I, II and III of the ETAMAT military site.


TIPER Discovery will group together various activities:

  • Training. There will be two trainings proposed on by the Jean Moulin High school (in Thouars) and the other one by the company: Ginger Formation. These two training already allows to train specialists in renewable energies.
  • A sustainable construction and renovation information point. It will be a technical space dedicated to the various techniques for construction and renovation where individuals and professionals will be able to find information and to exchange on the way they can reduce the energy consumption of their house or buildings.
  • A centre of renewable energies. It will be a space of leisure in relation with renewable energies to raise awareness about environmental issues, in a playful and educational environment, where all the past and future techniques of power production will be presented.
  • An educational farm. It will be a farm dedicated to agriculture and gardening that will allow to  discover and compare alternative solutions that allow to cultivate respecting the environment

The projects linked to the renewable power production are the most advanced. They are carried by private companies and will allow to stimulate an investment of 125 million € and create around 65 positions, directly or indirectly, in Thouars. Every project is at a different stage of advancement, linked among others to the works of cleanup of the site of the ETAMAT and to the time needed to instruct files (7 years for example for a project of a wind farm).

As for TIPER Discovery projects, there are dependent to the realisation of the projects of renewable power production. At this moment, they are only at the stage of study. Working groups were created to bring to a successful conclusion these projects.

To be able to follow the evolution of the TIPER park, this web site will be regularly updated.