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TIPER Discovery aims to develop around the TIPER Park a true culture of renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy savings and overall preservation of the environment.

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Green energies are part of the solutions that will enable us to reduce our impact on the environment. However, with an increasing energy consumption, actions to develop renewable energy are insufficient. That is why it is important to act both on the production of renewable energy and on reducing our energy consumption so our action will be significant.

Anyone can take action to implement these changes: working in the field of renewable energy, building or renovating his home or by finding alternative techniques. The different aspects of TIPER Discovery will provide the tools necessary to carry out these changes.

 TIPER Discovery is still a projet and will be launched in the coming years. If you want to contribute to a project or if you have ideas to share, please contact us by clicking on the tab "Contact Us".

icone FormationTrainingTwo training provided by Lycée Jean Moulin and Ginger Formation can already train locally specialists in renewable energy.

icone Habitatsustainable housing information pointTechnical space for individuals and professionals to learn and discuss about the different techniques of construction and renovation that help reducing energy consumption in buildings.

icone EnergieRenewable Energy Science and Technological museum Leisure space in connexion with renewable energy to raise awareness concerning environmental issues, in a ludic and educational area, and that will present all the past, present and future energy production techniques.

icone FermeEducational FarmArea dedicated to agriculture and gardening to find and compare alternative solutions that cultivate the land while preserving the environment.