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TIPER park will gather, on the same site, various innovative technologies of clean and renewable power production that are working thanks to natural resources: sun, wind and biomass.

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These three projects of energy production will produce from 45 to 70 megawatts.

The energy needs of 60 000 to 70 000 inhabitants (electric consumption except heating) will be covered thanks to a clean energy, that is a production from 120 000 to 130 000 MWh / year. These projects will allow to avoid the emission of 59 000 to 65 500 tons of CO2 per year.

These projects are anchored in an approach of sustainable development. For each of them, jobs and local antennas were or will be created at the level of the Communauté de Communes du Thouarsais. Indeed, these projects will allow the creation of 65 jobs and are going to generate 125 million € of investment on behalf of private companies.

The TIPER park is opened to new projects, thus other technologies of renewable power production could be developed in the future on the territory. TIPER indeed has for ambition to stimulate the innovation in the field of the renewable energy.

icone MéthanisationMethanisation plantUsing an innovative process, the factory of centralised methanisation, which will be situated in Louzy, close the the ETAMAT, will produce electrical and thermal energy from biomass.

icone Eolienwind farmsWind turbines use wind to produce electricity. Two wind farms, one in Mauzé-Thouarsais and the other one near the ETAMAT military site will produce a clean and renewable energy.

icone PhotovoltaïqueSolar power plantThe biggest solar park of the Poitou-Charentes region will be installed on the grounds of the former ETAMAT. With an area of 52 hectares, the solar power plant will transform the energy of the sun into electricity.

icone PhotovoltaïqueParc Eco+On the activity zone of Talencia, next to the park TIPER, nearly 20 buildings that will be rented to companies will be created. The buildings will be well integrated to the landscape, will produce their own renewable energy and will be made with a renewable material: wood.